2nd Consortium Meeting, 7th June 2011, Athens

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Four months into the project, a 2nd CHESS Consortium meeting will be taking place in Athens, Greece on June 7, 2011.

First Tech Meeting: 17/18th March 2011

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Fraunhofer IGD kindly hosted the first CHESS technical meeting in Darmstadt.

After a presentation of each partner capabilities, Diginext (project leader) started the discussion regarding the CHESS framework design. Though no final decision was made, the consortium agreed on a regular video conference call to keep progressing on this subject.

Website released: 1st March 2011

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The CHESS website is online, a general project description is available, as well as the consortium members list.

More content will be added soon !

Kick-Off Meeting : 17/18th February 2011

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The Kick off meeting took place at the "cité de l'espace" museum. The partners of the consortium met each other and met the EC project Officer.

A general presentation of the project and discussions were led. Some actions were taken: next steps, next meetings (the next meeting is a Workshop held in Darmstadt by IGD Fraunhofer institute).

A visit of the "cité de l'espace" and a social evening event were also proposed to the consortium members.

Project official start: 1st February 2011

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The CHESS project officialy starts!